Competition Materials


The material options

Stora Enso produces a variety of renewable paperboard materials that can be used for food packaging and other consumer packaging. When you have a design idea, think about which paperboard you would like to use and what would fit the purpose. In the first phase of the competition, you must submit your entry digitally, but please mention which material(s) you intend to use.

CKB Nude is a fully brown board with natural look and feel. Made from pure, fresh fiber, CKB Nude makes a safe choice for food packaging, also for on-the-go and quick service restaurants, and for a wide variety of other products like cosmetics. If you want a stiff and firm kraft board with an organic, artisanal appearance, CKB Nude is a good choice for your packaging.
This fully brown board is for primary packaging of beverages and liquid foods typically sold in supermarkets. Keeps the contents such as milk, yoghurt, juice, spices, water, sauces and soups fresh, hygienic and unchanged while the printable surface delivers your message. Natura Life is a food-safe, unbleached board made of pure, fresh fiber from trees. Natura Life is approved for Nordic Ecolabel, a third-party verified proof for its environmental performance throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Performa Light CarbonZero is a carbon neutral, renewable and recyclable cartonboard that helps to achieve carbon-related sustainability targets. It is a renewable, low-carbon material for premium folding cartons. Performa Light CarbonZero offers impeccable visual appearance, runnability in printing and converting processes, providing the print results required for creating a premium brand perception and customer experience.
The board’s robustness enables safe and firm packaging at a low weight. It’s suitable for direct food contact, not to mention taste and odour neutral for delicate products such as chocolate.

If you’re looking for strong, sustainable kraftliner that adds maximum shelf appeal, AvantKraft by Stora Enso delivers. Our premium kraftliner gives consistently high performance while maintaining packaging integrity in the harshest environments. Thanks to the virgin fibre used in production with its low recycled fibre content, this kraftliner exhibits high strength, moisture resistance and cleanliness.


You can decide what to pack. Choose a food product or any other fast-moving consumer goods, and think which material would fit best for your design. All these materials will be delivered to you if you are chosen to the top 50 who will be asked to submit a physical mock-up.

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