The brief: Recreate Packaging 2023



One-third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away uneaten. Not only is this inefficient and wasteful, but decomposing food also produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Food waste remains one of the top global concerns and smarter packaging can help battle this issue.

The challenge 

What if packaging could not only protect food from contamination but also protect it from being wasted? Stora Enso and Orkla are challenging the packaging design community to create innovative designs that help a greater percentage of food products complete the full journey from shelf to mouth.

The partnership

Orkla is one of the biggest food distributors in the world, having many household food brand names. As a partner of the competition, Orkla is giving participants the unique opportunity to recreate packaging from any of their brands. This means that you get to challenge and innovate new solutions to existing packaging found in supermarkets across the world today. We believe this makes the brief more exciting and brings you closer to the industry than ever before. With that being said, it is not a requirement to use any of their brands. You are free to make your own original design. See Orkla’s brands here:

Inspiration: how can packaging impact food waste? 

Safety first.
– Packaging protects food from being wasted; from transportation to store shelf life and the consumer’s cupboard, fridge or freezer.

Use this space.
– Packaging can be informative, engaging and fun, and can ultimately affect consumer behaviour. How can we utilise the packaging’s canvas to educate, inspire or encourage positive consumer behaviour?

Down to the very last drop.
– How can the packaging’s form and function help the consumer get every last bit of its contents out,without adding excessive packaging materials? Not being able to reach or get everything out of the
packaging is a common problem (yes peanut butter and yoghurt, we’re looking at you…)

Stay fresh.
– Keeping food fresh and edible for longer is challenging and often leads to the use of plastic, sealable packaging. How can we replace non-renewable sealable packaging with a more sustainable option without compromising food life or safety?

Eat me!
– The visibility of a packaging’s contents can also impact consumer behaviour. When food isn’t visible, it can often be left uneaten until it’s too late. How can we remind consumers of what’s inside without the use of transparent plastic covering?

Trust your creative process.
– The above points are just a few thought-starters to kick your creative engines into gear. Our advice is to challenge convention, think freely and be creative in your own unique way.

The brief

Create a packaging solution that has a positive impact on reducing food waste with renewable materials supplied by Stora Enso. Choose between a suitable packaging from Orkla’s food brands or come up with your own design.