The brief: Recreate Packaging 2021


Design circular packaging

Urban consumers can shop necessities in retail stores and buy takeaway food easily, and that makes packaging part of our everyday life. Packaging gives protection as well as brand differentiation and quality perception for the product inside, which is essential for usability, food safety and consumer experience. Using renewable materials, removing or reducing plastic, and designing for recycling help lessen the environmental impact of packaging and in turn create value and make people happy about more eco-friendly choices.


Since people today want to live greener lives, they look for choices that can make the world a better place. With renewable materials and circular design, the environmental impact of packaging can be reduced and valuable raw materials saved and recycled into new products. Designs and material choices enabling plastic reduction and waste removal during production and at the end-of-life can unlock value for brands as consumers prefer eco-friendly products.

Our world needs a new approach to materials: taking care of our natural resources, and ensuring a second life for the materials consumed. That approach is a circular bioeconomy. In a circular bioeconomy, fossil-based materials are replaced with sustainably produced renewable alternatives, waste is designed out, and everything is recycled for new use. Trees are raw material that can be sustainably regrown while they absorb CO2 from the earth's atmosphere. After use, renewable materials made of trees are highly valuable for recycling into new products.

Now we are challenging you to design the next generation of renewable and circular packaging!

How to get started

Your task is to create a packaging solution that reduces or removes fossil-based materials in food packaging or other consumer packaging by using our renewable paperboard materials innovatively. Use the following as food for thought to kickstart your creative process:

Lastly, think outside the box! And remember that whatever direction you take, your goal is to reduce waste and to increase circularity of packaging.

Keep in mind that in the first phase you will be presenting your ideas and concepts digitally. However, don’t focus solely on the digital presentation, as your idea also needs to translate into a working packaging solution to be considered for selection. We recommend focusing on the concept, form and function of the packaging rather than on graphic design.

All contestants should be able to account for their entries from a sustainability point of view and state which considerations have been made to make the packaging more sustainable, or how the packaging promotes sustainable behaviour.

For legal reasons, you’re not allowed to feature an existing brand in your design. If you want to include a brand in your design, please design one yourself or use imagery with a free for use creative commons license.

Up for the challenge?

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