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"A wasted opportunity"

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The competition brief

Since childhood we’ve heard the phrase “finish your food or no dessert”. Why do we humans throw away perfectly good food? There are many reasons. We make too much, can’t save it for later, don’t want to save it for later, forget we had it in the fridge, can’t squeeze out the last bit from the packaging or… Well, let’s just say that we have our reasons.

For 2023, we invite the design community to come up with a food packaging that helps reduce food waste. Whether the packaging helps making portioning easier, squeezing out the last contents, resealable packaging to protect from oxygen or any other way to aid millions of people not to throw away good, unspoiled food.

The solution, whatever it is, will be an inspirational manifestation of Stora Enso’s and Orkla’s commitment to push harder for stopping this madness plaguing our planet. And then we can all have dessert.

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Cecilia Isaksson Sajland

Smart packaging is an important tool for reducing food waste.

Cecilia Isaksson Sajland, Innovation and Sustainability Director, Orkla Foods
Kajsa Dahlin

To reduce food waste is crucial, and should always be the foundation for innovation within food packaging materials and design.

Kajsa Dahlin, Packaging Project Manager, Stora Enso