The winners of Recreate Packaging 2023

1st place: Herb:CUBE - Self-watering herb packaging

A groundbreaking innovation and something entirely unique. Herb:CUBE presents a sustainable solution to herb packaging. By utilising Stora Enso’s renewable materials, it replaces the various plastics commonly found in the fresh herb section. Notably, the carton also features an inventive second-life application. By removing a corner of the cube, water access is granted to the herbs, resulting in their extended freshness while eliminating the need for disposable plastics. In essence, this concept benefits both end consumers and the environment. It’s truly a win-win. And we can’t wait to see it taking over supermarkets. Congratulations Henning Birgersson!

2nd place: Endless Pastability: Pasta Portioning Carton

This packaging won the judges over thanks to its ingenious simplicity and market-ready design. The problem of cooking too much spaghetti, leading to food waste, is something we’re all familiar with. The Endless Pastability carton expertly addresses this problem by presenting a straightforward yet remarkably effective pasta portioning method. Through the utilisation of two tabs, the carton conveniently dispenses the ideal amount of pasta, clearly labelled for either one or two servings. As one of the judges aptly noted, the greatest ideas are often simple ones, though they can be elusive. In this case, such an idea has not only been discovered but also brilliantly executed. Now it’s just a matter of putting this solution where it belongs: on supermarket shelves. Congratulations Lauren Jones, Chris Heiner, Vina Le and Zachary Hays!

3rd place: The Ketchup Bellow

An exceptional packaging concept that captured the jury's imagination through its instant, intuitive functionality and creative playfulness. The team's interpretation of the brief highlights an innovative utilisation of Stora Enso's renewable materials, effectively replacing conventional plastic packaging and reducing food waste. Without a doubt, the bellow-shaped design has the potential to take centre stage on supermarket shelves due to its unique and distinctive design qualities. To sum it up, it’s a brilliant packaging concept that needs no explanation and stands as a well-deserved 3rd place winner. Congratulations Kristoffer Axelsson, Matilda Färlin, Anton Tibb and Oscar Jemail!

PCA winner: Ugly-pack

Ugly-pack addresses food waste by aiming to shift consumer perceptions of "ugly" produce. Often, food is disregarded or discarded based on appearance, creating waste. This pattern extends across farms and retailers, contributing to the issue. This packaging aims to inspire change in grocery stores by embracing “ugly” produce. Taking shape as a deformed prismatic box, Ugly-pack seeks to reduce pickiness and hero flaws. Clearly, the concept resonated with the public, earning it the Public Choice Award. Congratulations Maria Effrosyni Varsami and Evangelia Moschou!